St. John's

Anglican Church, South Townsville

Called to love by Christ

Sunday Services: 9.00am & 5.30pm (Term time)

0410 151 359

More About Us

We are a small, family- sized Christian community that seeks to follow the teachings and example of Jesus Christ. We recognise that God calls people from all walks of life to worship His Son but have found our home in the thinking and practices of the Anglican Communion. That means when we gather on Sundays we love to; remember our continual need for forgiveness, to hear what God's purposes are for us through bible reading and teaching, to pray aloud and quietly in worship and with many requests; to sing with joy and to celebrate Jesus' transforming work on The Cross.

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While we wholeheartedly agree that each of us has something to offer in our worship and service of God, we take heed of our godly leaders and sit under the structure of the Anglican Orders. We understand that we one gathering from all of God's people within the Anglican Diocese of North Queensland (and the whole world) and are happy to take our place under the leadership and guidance of our Bishop.

Individually, and together, we yearn to live a life worthy of the great sacrifice of Jesus Christ but know our daily living would be a mess if it were not for the active presence of God in our lives and the need to disciple our thoughts and behaviours. We are thankful for the purposeful presence of the Holy Spirit who helps to draw our thinking toward God's words and who shapes and moves us to enjoy the many blessings of God's kindness and the kindnesses found within our church family.

Like most churches, we are a mixed bunch of ages, stages and ability, but we have one great thing in common and that is our trust and daily reliance on Jesus Christ who we seek to follow..

Please browse through the pages describing some of the activities of our church community or look at the documents below which provide some insights into our Anglican Tradition. If you would like to know more about us please Say G'day.

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